Simple, Chic Upholstered Headboard

We all have a budget these days and our old 80's headboard had to go. So I didnt' have much to spend decided to get creative and upholster a headboard. I don't have a before picture since I try to block out the memory of that ugly headboard, but just imagine the ugliest most 80's black metal headboard with an odd shape ever and you pretty much see what we had.

Ahhh. The bed feels like a much more welcoming place now!
If you're interested in making your own headboard it is so simple. There are lots of links out there to show you how. Centsational Girl has a great tutorial to show you how. Go check it out!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Great idea! I so need one of these! My daughter is the crafty one, I should make her make a headboard!

Crystal said...

It looks beautiful.


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