My Halloween Luminaries Featured!

My Pottery Barn Inspired Luminaries were featured on the awesome blog called Under the Table and Dreaming- what a cute blog name! 
Go check out Stephanie's blog here and there are lots of amazing fall decorating ideas.



Karen said...

Hi Katie, I love these ;) Since you asked about the gourds I thought I would answer you here. To be honest I bought some 'decorative' gourds last fall. When they started to rot I tossed them in the garden (composting!). This spring a vine started growing and I had no idea what it was. Everyone kept guessing, pumpkin, zucchini, etc. Then one day the gourds grew out of the flowers! So, no, in my case it was very easy. The one vine took over my entire yard though! Granted, I live in the city and my yard is small, but still, I would try to put them somewhere that you don't mind them stretching out a bit!

Dawn Lopez said...

Wow, congrats! Those are awesome!~ We are first time visitors from Welcome Wednesday, and we are your new followers! Great blog! Hope you will visit us too, we also host a blog hop on Saturdays if you would like to join us..



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